Sanctions Compliance

As Western governments and international bodies adopt new and complex sanctions regimes targeting corrupt foreign agents and human rights abusers, ensuring compliance with evolving sanctions is critical to avoiding fines, prosecution and potential international bans.

Navigating international sanctions regimes is an extremely complicated task. There is no central global sanctions list that can be referenced and national governments rarely maintain consolidated lists. However, any engagement with sanctioned entities can expose organizations, businesses and individuals to serious risks. In addition to potential bans on various commercial interactions, sanctions violations can result in crippling fines, prosecution and serious public relations damage.

Ofelas Group founder, Marcus Kolga, has been a leader in the global campaign to advocate for international sanctions against  human rights abusers and corrupt foreign officials – commonly known as Magnitsky legislation. Kolga has advised leading Western governments and NGOs on Canadian, US and European Union sanctions regimes, as well as United Nations sanctions.

Ofelas Group can help international businesses, groups and individuals with:

  • International sanctions compliance
  • Foreign and domestic sanctions compliance
  • Sanctions application against foreign entities and individuals
  • Government and media advocacy regarding issues of application and compliance

States Currently Affected By US Sanctions