Ofelas is named after the pathfinders of the Sami people of Northern Europe. For centuries, they navigated the treacherous icy fjords, and mountains of the rugged Nordic Arctic region. Ofelas Group navigates and finds solutions in the most unpredictable and risky global environments and situations.

The globalized economy often exposes corporations and individuals to abuses at the hands of corrupt or authoritarian governments. The indiscriminate jailing of perceived political and economic opponents, often dual citizens, is another hallmark of these regimes. These types of government thrive in the absence of the rule of law. It is in these often extreme environments that we operate to obtain the release of those wrongfully accused and imprisoned.

Our work is extremely complex and demands sensitivity to local conditions coupled with expert and experienced advocacy. We explore ways of bringing pressure to bear from every angle, mobilizing broad support and launching media campaigns all focused on freeing the unjustly detained or imprisoned client. We act for our clients in ways that your government cannot or will not for fear of offending another country.

Our approach to problem solving and crisis management has proven successful for our clients.

Global Experience

The Ofelas team has worked on many high profile international cases.

From China to Syria, Algeria to Russia or Venezuela to Thailand, Ofelas steps in to help when governments simply aren’t doing enough. Whether you are an individual, NGO or a business, Ofelas is there when you run into trouble in the most challenging jurisdictions around the globe.

Pre-Deployment Training & Support

Leverage Ofelas' experience and international intelligence network to prepare your team before their deployment and mitigate potential risks in foreign states and regions.

We have worked on some of the most important consular cases in recent history, can flag potential risks and provide current intelligence to help your team and organization avoid problems before they deploy abroad. Ofelas will train your team and foreign staff and can provide ongoing support and intelligence to remain current on geopolitical and domestic risks, helping you to keep clear of potential threat

Media & Government Advocacy

Ofelas' global network offers unparalleled global advocacy services, maximizing outcome potentials.

As recognized international legal and foreign policy experts, the Ofelas advocacy network spans oceans and continents and can achieve results in the most challenging jurisdictions. Ofelas team members frequently comment in the media on foreign policy and consular issues and can bring national attention to a crisis that requires intervention by unresponsive governments and decision makers.

Aggressive Consular Strategies

Detainment and imprisonment in a foreign jurisdiction is a nightmare for everyone involved.

Ofelas has worked on some of the most difficult cases involving foreign nationals unjustly detained in violation of their human rights. Unfortunately when you expect the government to step in, they often can’t or won’t. Only persistent, aggressive consular efforts and multi-jurisdictional advocacy strategies will help move things toward resolution. Ofelas can rapidly deploy around the world to work for the best outcome.

Rapid Deployment, International Consular Crisis Solutions