Gary Caroline and Marcus Kolga About The Bitkovs in Toronto Star
May 25, 2018
Kolga in Globe and Mail about Canadian sanctions regime
June 26, 2018

Gary Caroline and Anastasia Bitkova on CBC As It Happens

Russian family released from Guatemala prison seeks asylum in Canada

“A Russian family under house arrest in Guatemala on charges they say were trumped up by the Kremlin are pleading with the Canadian government to help them.

Anastasia Bitkova, 27, and her parents Igor Bitkov and Irina Bitkova, are asking the Canadian government to grant them travel permits so they can make their way to Canada and claim asylum.

The family, who allege they’ve been the target of a decade-long campaign of persecution by the Russian government, have been released from Guatemalan prison and placed under house arrest while they wait for that country’s highest court to decide their fate.

They are accused of buying and using false documents to obtain residency.”

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